Sunday, January 21, 2007

Plant Life Discovered

This weekend John and I created three indoor terrariums. I got the idea from We got our glass containers at Cost Plus and the succulents at our local hardware store. Mightygirl used plants that don't require dirt, but the hardware store did not carry those type of plants. We will see how this goes... hopefully I will not kill them, as I have more of a brown thumb than a green thumb.

Here is the variety of succulents we purchased.

Here is the man doing the dirty work.

Here they are!

The end result. (As you can see the job really pooped the dude out.)
Aren't they cute? It was super easy and very rewarding. I highly recommend it!


jenna said...

wow, those look really great! I imagine w/succulents that it will be easy to keep them alive, too. Just forget about them! Once we're in a house here I would love to try and make my own. What a great idea.

Big D said...

John looks soooooooooooooo tired. If he only had a SONY from Fortuna!

Judy said...

Wow! I remember doing that with my
second-graders, only we used a giant mayo jar from the cafeteria. We laid jar on its side, poured a little plaster-of-Paris so it wouldn't roll around, and then installed some plants and a toad! The kids would bring flies and bugs for the toad, but he looked sad. One day, he disappeared! We were stumped! Come to find out, he had burrowed down in the soil--maybe to hibernate. Anyway, we were sad for him and turned him lose.